We are a full service hair salon offering 2 locations!

Combo Services

Special pricing when you get a permanent wave and a deposit only color on the same visit
150 min $80.00.


Bear/Moustache Trim
15 min $5.00.
Girls Cut (10 yrs & under)
15 min $10.00.
Ladies Cut Only
Ladies hair cut that includes a complimentary shampoo. Does not include drying or styling.
30 min $15.00.
Ladies Cut & Blow Dry
30 min $20.00.
Ladies Cut & Roller Set
60 min $25.00.
Ladies Cut & Iron Style
Ladies Cut and Style using curling irons or flat Iron.
30 min $27.00.
Mens Cut Only
15 min $10.00.
Boys Cut (10 yrs and under)
30 min $8.00.
Toddler First Time Cut w/certificate
This is for baby's first haircut and it comes with a certificate that holds a lock of hair. It is a free service.
15 min $0.00. Tish $0.00. Tish $0.00.
Bang Trim
15 min $5.00.
Neck Trim
15 min $3.00.
Ladies Cut Package
Save money when you purchase your next 4 haircuts in advance. Package is for a cut only and does not include a blow dry and style. Save $10.00 by purchasing the package!
30 min $50.00.
Men's 6 Cut Package
Pre-Pay your cuts to save money and time! This package includes 6 men's cuts for the price of 5 and you have 7 months to use it from the time of purchase. Package amount due on first visit.
30 min $50.00.


Roller Set
60 min $14.00.
Hot Iron Style
30 min $18.00.
Blow Dry Set
30 min $14.00.
Comb Out
15 min $9.00.
Shampoo Only
15 min $6.00.
Up do is for any special occasion. Prom, weddings, dances, pictures, Please make sure you wear a button up shirt so that you don't mess up the hair getting undressed, to change. price is subject to change depending on the style desired and length of your hair.
60 min $40.00.
Consultation - Free
15 min $0.00.
Roller Set Monthly Package
This is a package that includes a month of roller sets. Up to 4 per month limit. Additional services will incur additional charges.
30 min $50.00.


Customer Color Application
Customer brings their own color. Service does not include cut and style,
15 min $25.00.
Solid Color
90 min $55.00.
Demi Color
90 min $55.00.
Color Retouch
60 min $55.00.
Clear Gloss
90 min $30.00.
Fountain H/L Lights
105 min $65.00.
Full Head H/L Lights
150 min $82.00.
Dual H/L Lights
120 min $96.00.
Tri-Color H/L Lights
180 min $115.00.
Cap H/L Lights
120 min $55.00.
Foil Chunking
120 min $70.00.
120 min $75.00. Tish $65.00. Tish $65.00.
Personality Stripe
Single strip of vibrant color. Includes pre-lightening and color of your choice.
60 min $25.00.
30 min $30.00.
Color Fill Long
45 min $30.00.
Color Fill Short
15 min $20.00.
Extra Length Fee
This is for longer than shoulder length hair to cover the addtional time and product.
15 min $10.00.
60 min $25.00.
Long Length/ Thickness
This is an add on charge for hair that is longer than normal or thicker than usual
15 min $10.00.
Party Color Add-on
Add a single strip of a vibrant party color to any hair color service that requires pre-lightening
15 min $15.00.
Color Correction
For colors not initially received at Cameo. this is a starting price.
120 min $70.00.
Basic Ombre
90 min $85.00.
Intense Ombre
180 min $125.00.


ADD ON Eye Wax
Special pricing when you add this service to any service hair service.
15 min $7.00.
ADD ON Lip Wax
Add a lip wax to any hair service to get this price
15 min $5.00.
Eye Brow Wax
15 min $9.00.
Eye/Lip Wax Combo
15 min $15.00.
Chin Wax
15 min $8.00.
Lip Wax
15 min $7.00.
Eye Brow Dye
15 min $5.00.
Double Feature Wax & Dye
15 min $12.00.
Wax Deluxe
Eyes Brow, Lip and Chin Wax
30 min $21.00.


Basic Acid Wave
105 min $55.00.
Basic Alkaline
90 min $55.00.
Buffered Acid Wave
105 min $65.00.
Buffered Alkaline
90 min $65.00.


Anti-Frizz Treament
Process of lessening the frizz and curl in hair.
180 min $95.00.
Basic Relaxer
90 min $60.00.
Deluxe Relaxer
90 min $75.00.


Moisturizing Treatment
15 min $8.00.
Reconstructing Treatment
30 min $10.00.
Thinning Treatment
15 min $3.00.
Moisture Treatment Package
Our Moisture Treatment Package includes 4 weeks of moisturizing in the salon. Styling is included in the package at no additional charge. Hair Cutting will incur additional charges. 1 treatment per week for 4 weeks with style. Regular price $8.00 each for the treatments and $15.00 each for the style for a total package value of $92.00!
45 min $80.00.


Basic Facial
45 min $25.00.
Make up application
We will do your make up for you. You can bring your own or we will choose from our own stock. Airbrushing your foundation will be an additional $5.00
30 min $25.00.